Daphne Han

I am a rising second year undergraduate student majoring in Computational Biology and minoring in Design for Learning on the Pre-Med track at Carnegie Mellon University.

Currently, I am a member of the Robotic Caregiving and Human Interaction (RCHI) Lab led by Dr. Zackory Erickson.

On campus, I am a TA for 07-131 Great Practical Ideas for Computer Scientists, a senator representing SCS on the Student Senate, the Director of New Recognition in the Committee on Student Organizations (CoSO), a board member of ACM@CMU, a member of pre-health fraternity Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED), a member in ScottyLabs, and a regular volunteer at UPMC Shadyside.

Previously, I worked under Dr. Shuying Sun at Texas State University for 2 years on analyzing haplotype assembly algorithms and we have submitted our manuscript for publication. I also worked with Dr. Alexander White and Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers of Texas State University and University of Texas at Austin in 2019 on analyzing consciencious vaccination exemption rates on effects of herd immunity. Additionally, aside from research, I also have significant experience in math education and science communication.


Email daphneh@andrew.cmu.edu

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